May 6, 2021

This is a bit different from what I typically do, but this is the start to a more open development of the Cool Beans Minecraft server. 

In the past I’ve always been very quiet about upcoming updates. Everything I worked on was like a secret project that I would keep until the day the update was released. But I want to put an end to that, since it causes the server to go a bit dormant. A lot of times when I’m working on the server, I’m either working remotely without even opening Minecraft, or I’m working on a completely separate development server. So naturally, some people rarely see me online on the server. Although I’m not exactly putting an end to that, I’m putting an end to me being quiet about updates.

These blog posts will serve as sort of announcement for upcoming updates. Although everything in here will be unofficial–meaning nothing is concrete or final-most of it’ll also allow for feedback before anything potentially gets finalized.


Over quite some time I’ve been brainstorming many different ideas to add more for players to do on the survival server. One of the ideas I’ve often came back to was the idea of a new dimension. A dimension that is more difficult than the regular overworld, but with rewards and items only obtainable by taking on the challenge. Unofficially dubbed the Hardcore Dimension, this dimension will be a challenge for even those with the strongest vanilla armor possible. Only accessible to those who craft a specific item involving a nether star, this dimension is not for the casual player. This is for those who want to take their game a step further.

This dimension will showcase brand new custom world generation, brand new randomly spawned structures, and MANY difficult mobs.


Be warned, there are drawbacks to entering this dimension. To make things fair, keep inventory will be unavailable for even supporters. /Fly and Elytra will also be disabled, due to performance drawbacks and to keep people from just flying from structure to structure, looting everything. Since some of the loot is extremely valuable, the goal is to make everyone have to work hard for the loot.


From now on, I will start doing server development livestreams. These streams will be a great way for you all to give feedback as I’m working on future updates, along with also allowing select viewers to test certain features I’m working on. 

You can follow me on Twitch here:

I’m very excited to bring these updates to you all and show what exactly is going on behind the scenes. 🙂